Hungry for change.

Within a month I was completely hooked.

My 4k became a really difficult 5, then 6, then 7… and then 10… I was unstoppable. Everything I could think about was running. Putting my shoes on, choosing my favourite songs and getting on the street. I seemed to have no end. Yet I was so mistaken. I didn’t know that injuries were looming.

Have you ever tried spending a day in really uncomfortable shoes? Hurts, right? Even your mood hurts. Whenever your feet feel strained you feel strained too.

I pushed mile upon mile in the wrong shoes until one day my right knee said she’d had enough. Just like that I felt the most unbearable of pains and within I couple of days I was just lying flat on the couch. So I decided to ditch my pretty fancy and pretty dandy Nike free’s and go in search of some proper running shoes (…..)


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