Mum, I want to train for a half marathon !

imageSo… Yes. This happened somehow.

After skipping injury, settling into a routine, getting my kicks out of running four times a week and feeling damn proud/crazy/hungry depending on the day I decided I wanted to make it big. Or at least, bigger.

So I started looking for half marathons. Nothing fancy, you know, just a good ole 21k to test my limits and push my boundaries. Yet, I had my eyes on the ‘babe’, you know, the pretty girl all guys have eyed at school and never had the courage to talk to. The Royal Parks Half Marathon is the babe of the London half Marathons. This pretty fall event has everything a Half Marathoner could ever hope for. It is beautiful, it is mighty challenging, it is easy enough to survive if you are a newbie. So I applied. And since I wanted to make it personal I tried to get into a Charity team. I had no hope of making it since I was a newbie and I didn’t know if they’d want me so imagine my face when…

Three weeks after … I GOT IN. So I am proud to say that I’ll be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon with the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity team. If you want to help me on my journey you can donate here : ) 


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