Shoes fit for a princess

So after nursing my sore knee for a few days (concretely three) I went to the running shop and tried to get some new shoes.

The first thought was… they’re ugly. Because, the way most people see running, it is pretty. Really skinny girls in really skimpy shorts running really happy routes whilst they talk nonsense. Well, harsh reality check guys. Running sucks! You are red, blotchy skinned, hate your life, tired, try to catch a breath and most of the time just think of giving up… but… here comes the catch you get to the end and you feel SO DAMN GOOD! You are a fucking super hero and you are so amazing. Because… You can DO IT!

So.. back to running shoes. I got to the shop and I was faced with the ugliest of shoes. Gel everywhere, ugly colouring everywhere and an absolute… What the hell am I doing here feeling?

Upon entering a rather nice girl tried to measure my feet. Measure my what? I was completely surprise to discover that for a running shoe to fit it has to go with your step, your running style and your complexion. So… after trying a million shoes I got my babies. Shoes fit for a princess.  And I was ready to conquer the world (….)


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