The reason why I run.

They say that everyone starts running for a reason.

Maybe they do it to get healthy, or to feel better, or maybe they are actually running away from something, or someone. Or trying to change. Either way, all of us are trying to achieve something through running.

In my case it was easy, I just wanted to feel different. I knew there was very little I could change. I am a college student, I have a steady job, bills to pay and a student loan larger than my life. I love words. And music. And that’s pretty much it. And one silly afternoon I was just sitting in front of the computer and saw that one of my friends had started running. I don’t know why but I felt.. If she is doing it and she seems to be getting so many kicks out of it, why can’t I?

Silly me, I thought it would be as easy as putting my running shoes on, getting some old leggings, some fancy iPhone application and hitting the street.

Off I went and… (…) To be continued!


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