I will follow you into the dark

imageSome days are harder than others. Or as they say, nothing in life comes easy.

Some days no matter how much you try you just can’t catch your breath. You become a struggler and your run feels like the most difficult task you’ve ever embarked. You feel blotchy, itchy, red, inadequate. Your garmin hates you. You gotta be kidding me! 1 kilometre? I’ve sweated at least 3 here. Well, take it easy. Here are some of my difficult run days tips:

1. Music: choose music you like. Spend some time making a playlist. Some people like high tempo music but I think that any music that makes you feel like you can do things is fine. In my case my list is a mix of old songs, new songs… basically the story of my life in songs. Kinda cliche but it works for me.

2. Breathing: pace yourself. Keep breathing. I know it sucks but if you work on steady breathing you may turn your run around.

3. Rest: are you rested? Are you one of this relentless runners who kill themselves day after day without a care in the world? Well, that ain’t helping you. Take a deep breath and GO SIT ON THE COUCH. Then, get a movie. And EAT. Rest will make you powerful and fuel your future runs.

4. Warning signs: sometimes you are not straightforward injured but something in your body doesn’t feel quite right. Your body is sage and knows what it’s doing. You know which pain is just usual amount and which one isn’t. Listen up and treat your body well.

5. Landmarks: Focus on the landmarks. After a while running the same route you will know which landmarks equival to which kilometres so focus on them. Just try to think.. It’s only such and such to the next landmark. Works a trick and you’ll feel like you are achieving something.

6. Sing: yes, it is ridiculous. Yes, I know. You are thinking how can I sing if I can’t even bloody breathe?! Well, try. Sing. Not to the top of your lungs but just pick your highest motivation song and sing. You’ll feel you still have some in you.

Hope all these help, at least, they’ve helped me!

Have a good long sunday run!


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