The land of no toilets.

imageAmongst the things runners never really discuss there’s this one: toilet time. As in, that moment you know you are fit to burst and there will be an accident if you don’t visit a toilet ASAP.

Well, here are my top tips on how to avoid an impromptu toilet hunt:

1. Try to not over drink or overeat before you leave the house. Fueling is good but if you are too full you won’t a)be able to run comfortably and b)most likely will need to visit the toilet to relieve yourself.

2. If you go running in the morning try not to go for high fibre food or if you do allow yourself at least one hour between your breakfast and your run. As soon as you start moving your bowels will go stir crazy.

3. Say no to spicy. In any case no spicy food should make it through your mouth before you intend to go running. Spicy food and running is a recipe for a DEFINITE disaster.

4. If everything else fails, know your toilets. Choose routes where you know public toilets. Try to find the right place to stop and relieve yourself. Some runners say that you can carry toilet paper and find a nice bush too… but I guess I’m too much of a princess for that.

May your sunday runs be free of impromptu toilet trips!


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