The right kind of wrong.

One can spend a lifetime running. From self, from others, from fear, frustration, nostalgia, fury, wrath, heartbreak, closeness. Anything really.

For all you know you could spend a really long time being not-something. Harsh but real this is the way life works. If something scares us we will try to run away. Call it instinct. Fear. Protectiveness. Whatever. Many times we just try to stay sheltered, away from the things that may break us.

Because that’s what terrifies us the most. Being incomplete. Feeling (un)whole. Or empty. Or (not) feeling. (At) all.

So here’s the big feat. Do one thing that scares you every day. Make a list. Plan a trip. Start loving the person in the mirror. Say a kind word. Stay awake longer. Whatever you do, just keep going. I promise you this will get better. I promise you that once you cross it the  other side of the bridge is just spectacular.


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