Fri(yay) or six things I wish I had followed through with when I started running.

Friday or the end of one of the hardest weeks of my life.

After sustaining injury I have been off running for a whole seven days. I have an ankle sprain. I am on the way to healing but I am not exactly confident I can run again…yet.

This has been hard. I usually train 4 times a week and plan my life around my runs so all of a sudden I’ve been left in a lurch with nothing much to do. Sit on your arse, that’s the only thing you gotta do right now.. hell no! How can I even do that? I’ve never been known as good at keeping still.

But, I’ve managed. And I think I’ve finally learned some of my lessons.

  1. If it hurts, like in *really* hurts… then you gotta stop. Even if you want to push, you know your pain thereshold. And you know yourself: stop even if it means not finishing your run or not sticking to your plan. Your body is going to make you pay for this.
  2. Stretching and foam rolling are constant activities. Not something you have to do but an actual part of your run. If you are not thorough with those you may as well not run because the path ahead of you is not a happy one.
  3. Hidration, food, lifestyle. If you don’t sleep enough, you don’t go running. If you are down with a cold, you don’t go running. If you don’t feel well and are pushing the boundaries of your body from the house door… You are not running. Don’t go kill yourself. As I said, your body will find ways of making you pay… and they will probably be a lot more painful than not running ONE day. (Quick insert my body is better than other bodies at finding ways of making me pay.)
  4. FOAM ROLLING! Your new BFF foam rolling will give your muscles a break. Painful? Hell yeah! Useful? HEAPS! Foam roll and let your body recover. The benefits are awesome.
  5. Feed me woman! Food, food, food! Lots of food! Feed me woman! I am hungry! Eat when you are hungry. Choose the right foods. Carbloading ain’t bad but you need to watch your protein too. Plan your meals if you have to and try to eat a small snack about 20 minutes about your run even if you don’t feel like eating (hunger kicks in at the two hour mark in my case.)
  6. Lift the leg up. If you are in pain and are prescribed a few rest days.. take it seriously. I know you think you can do this and you probably can but you are compromising your future health and wellbeing just to go… suffering. I wouldn’t even call that running. If you’ve ever tried to run on a sprained ankle you know what I am talking about.

That’s all for today folks, wishing you all a happy weekend and wishing myself a speedy recovery!

And.. song of the day : ) it’s friday afterall!


One thought on “Fri(yay) or six things I wish I had followed through with when I started running.

  1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Running and training for a big race can be a very positive way of turning round a negative experience. Best of luck with training for the Royal Parks half marathon. I’ll be following your progress.


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