Good mourning or death and all his friends.

I didn’t plan on writing this post. As a matter of a fact I didn’t plan on discussing this. But I feel like I have to. Because even though this is my running blog this story is about running too.

As you all know I will be running a Half Marathon in october. That, besides being a challenge, will be a way for me to bring closure into two awful things that happened this year.

Deaths. Losing is hard and mourning is hard too. I’ve tried all the tricks in the book. Forget it, focus on other things, count your reasons to not hurt… But none of this will work the reason being even if you don’t want to you need to be able to be sad for those who left. And yes, you are going to miss them.

And thats how I decided that when I cross the finish line on October 11… I’ll be running for my two absents. My dear friend and my dad met death this year. One of them too early, one of them after a way too long a battle. Both of them were people in my life and both of them were loved in different ways.

And thats why I will see them at my finish line. I’ll make this pain concrete. Easy to figure out. Easy to locate.

I’ll run the miles in my head and my legs and I’ll run the miles for them.

So here’s to closure. To knowing that I’ll be crossing that line on October 11. The line of acceptance. Of grief. The line of moving on.

Happy saturday to you all!


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