Happy ever after or the basic rules of kindness.

Most of my friends wouldn’t list kind amongst the top ten virtues. They’d list happy, outgoing, earnest, hardworking, fun and loads of other ones first.

But to me kindness is the ultimate deal. You can’t go wrong with kindness. You will never have enough kindness. And, most important of all, a shortage of kindness is the recipe for a very unhappy life.

So here are my basic rules for kindness…

1. Say it: You’re always quick to point what’s wrong. Anytime. Be quick to point what’s right too. Say nice word. Share a nice thought. Encourage people.

2. Spread it: you don’t know what people are up to in their life. Most of the people you meet are either random strangers or casual acquaintances. Still, be kind to them. You never know when your words will be healing the wounds in someone’s heart.

3. Work on it. Even when you don’t feel like it try to project positivity. Even if you are having a really crap day try to see the good things. If you try hard enough life will become good. Eventually. Or at least, sooner than if you didn’t.

4. Earn it: earn kindness back by putting kindness forward. You can’t expect others to treat you right if you treat them wrong so just try to do the right thing. Just because someone is being an arsehole to you it doesn’t mean you have to be an arsehole back and put yourself at their level. I know it’s hard but you have to assert yourself and try to make the most of all situations. Even the really difficult ones.

None of these are the recipe to happiness or the solution to all of your problems but they will certainly make your life slightly easier.

Good day to all of you!


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