5 things runners do… That annoy the heck of everyone else (….)

So here’s a top five… Sure most of you have done them all! I plead guilty. 🙂

1. Talk miles. How many miles did you run, how many miles will you run next week, next month, next year, next life (…..)

2. Talk shoes. My shoes… My shoes support me and cheer me on and send me straight to the moon… Yeah ok well… we all know what shoes are for. If yours give your superpowers and let you run… All the best for you!

3. Discuss food. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love food… But the fact that you seem to be gorging yourself whilst I watch is kind of painful to see… I know your body is a burning machine but honestly… I don’t need to know.

4. Events. Yes, I know you are excited. You and another few thousand crazy people are going to wake up at stupid o clock on a given day to go and torture your body for a long span of time. I do celebrate that… From my bed whilst eating a doughnuts.

5. Pace. For all I care you could run at light speed… That wouldn’t impress me much. I know you’ve been working on your pace but honestly you couldn’t see the amount of the fucks I don’t give.

Sad but true. Now, don’t mind me and let me go run my first five miles since recovering. Happy monday to you all and hope you’re not too sore from your long sunday runs!!! 🙂


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