Before you give up…. or how those who do never see the end of their story.

Before you give up (….)

Take a deep breath and stand there.

Stand there and see how far you’ve gone and smile:

smile because you’re looking at your memories.

Your wins and your losses. Your life.

Before you give up (….)

Stand tall and proud.

Strout a little.

Because you are still a lion and lions can always roar.

Before you give up (…)

Look at everything you’ve created.

At the things you’ve done for yourself and others.

Be proud of your way and be sorry for your mistakes.

Before you give up (….)

Forget dwelling and start forgiving.

Yourself. Others. Circumstances.

Just go do all these before you give up.

And then… maybe then (…)  You may as well think of not giving up. At all. Because you are a journey. And journeys are difficult. But we would never be us without them.

So here’s to the journey. And to never giving up. And to me, because I got this.

Happy day to all of you!


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