Fifty shades of self-love.

I, too, am guilty of body shame sometimes. I’ve lost count of the occasions in which I’ve told myself I wasn’t thin, beautiful, pretty or any of the other attributes some people call ‘perfect.’

I am embarrassed by it but I can’t help it. The society I grew in punishes all these and more. If you are somewhat different you are going to get grief for it. Nerdy? Get mocked in school. You like different things? Freak. All over my life I’ve heard close and not so close people tell me I am a weirdo.

Well, unfortunately for them, I do embrace my weirdnesses. What’s more, I cherish them. They make me special. And yes, I may have wobbly thighs, but they are my magic wobbly thighs and help me run around 12 miles few times a week! And yes, I do have softer bits but they are going to house a baby one day! And yes, I don’t say the right thing sometimes but then, I am human!

What I am trying to say is that not being perfect is not going to bring me down. I will still wear running shorts in public. I will still talk about my nerdy habits. I will still wear the clothes I please and say the things I want because that is who I am and no one can’t tell me it is not enough. I will no longer be  scared of speaking my mind or defending myself when someone tries to bring me down and what’s more, I will not be scared of being myself.

After all, I like ME. And ME is pretty strong, hardworking, achieving, constant, loving, caring (…..) And that’s fucking amazing if I say so!

Happy saturday everyone!


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