10 things I wish I knew… ten years ago (….)

  1. You will never be able to please everyone so stop trying. Do what you do people will find reasons to complain. Always.
  2. High heels are so not your thing. And you hate wearing them. And you’ll never learn how to walk properly. Plus, ballerinas are cute.
  3. I know you are in love with him but he is a total loser. Don’t waste your time and move on.
  4. You don’t need therapy, just, go running!
  5. It is totally ok to not be teeny tiny plus your body is capable of amazing things so stop attempting stupid diets and body shaming and focus on how beautiful you are instead.
  6. You don’t particularly enjoy clubbing or drinking even though your friends do. And that’s ok. Not everyone likes the same things and not everyone feels the same. Do your own thing whenever you want to.
  7. Focus on what you have. If you don’t you will never, ever, ever have enough.
  8. Being a bookworm is not something you have to be ashamed of, so don’t be. Spend the amount of time you deem necessary reading your books.
  9. Rely on people. You don’t have to do this alone. Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Forgive people when you have to. You’ll feel loads better.
  10. Life is all about the journey so… enjoy it. Stop dwelling on the things that bring you down and focus on the things you love. Try to see the positives and stay happy.. as much as you can. Life only happens once and it goes SO quickly. Make the most of it!

Happy sunday everyone! It’s time to go and hit the street!


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