Hang in there Joe (…) or how to keep running when all you want to do is stop.

Your run just started and you are ready to give up. “This hurts, I mean, I don’t even like it.”

Well, why should you. This is not pleasant. At all. Your lungs are on fire, your knees ache, your whole body is pulling the riot act on you. Trust me, I know the feeling. I have been ready to give up many times before. But I didn’t.

You ache. You sweat. You are in pure agony.  And you don’t see an end to it. So you start thinking. How about I gave up? How bad would it look if I did? Would it make me a loser? You ponder. What will I tell people when I give up?

You keep thinking about all these yet you trudge on. Instead of giving up you start focusing on the things you can fix. You breathe. In, out, in, out. This is good: I’m breathing. You feel your feet hitting the street. And that song… oh, well, that song brings me memories. A smile. Why am I so happy now? Was I happy all along?

And, you keep wondering… do I really want to give up? Is this what I *want*? Am I just being a wimp? Am I tired? Am I ready to stop and throw it all away? Is this not important enough? So you push. Forwards, forwards, forwards. Your mind becomes an empty place and there’s nothing else, just a way to go, just forwards.

After a while you no longer feel the agony. You take control of the situation and keep going. Forwards, forwards. Flawless. And you chant: “I am doing this for myself. I got this. I like this. This makes me feel good.” Eventually you believe it. And warmth starts growing through your body.

By the time you reach the end it IS good. You feel so damn PROUD. YES, that’s the word: PROUD. Proud of yourself, of your body, of the things you have achieved, of the things you can do. And nothing else matters.

Whenever you feel weak just remind yourself: you got this. You are doing this. Hang in there (….) and this too will pass.

Happy runs to all of you!


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