Five kinds of runners you will encounter in London.

  1. The chatterbox: Always with a companion talks non-stop and looks totally unaffected by the running. Keeps a steady pace. Companion usually remains silent, and you never know if they’re taking it all in or just trying to bloody breathe and keep up.
  2. The flawless: Usually a guy running in neutral shoes. Long strides and looks as though he’s been born to run. Takes a lot of space too. Pretty to watch although mostly unnefective.
  3. Running barbie: the latest shoes and the latest shorts and the latest hairdo and oh-my-god I’m so pretty and so healthy too.. Running barbies look pretty. In fact, you wouldn’t think they’ve ran a single mile. (And they probably haven’t done, they’re there for posing.)
  4. Red-faced girl: red-faced girl looks like she’s having the worst time of her life. She is blotchy. She looks mad. She is struggling. Yet every now and then you hear her mutter words. She’s singing. (Hello everyone, my name is red faced girl…)
  5. The all marathoner: He doesn’t give a fuck. He will overtake you, ignore the tourists and just keep running. He looks as though he’s seen it all and is totally not impressed. He always wears old races tshirts and a battered looking pair of trainers.

Which one is you? Happy day to all of you!


9 thoughts on “Five kinds of runners you will encounter in London.

  1. I guess I’m red faced guy if thats possible! I don’t chatter and I’m certainly not flawless! Im not pretty by any stretch of the imagine and I struggle to overtake anyone! I hope I don’t look like Im having the worst time of my life because mostly i love my running!


  2. 1- yes- sometimes. But hopefully a listener, too. 5- no… but I do often wear battered trainers and old race t-shirts! 4- well… yes! I’m pretty rosy, even when I’m not running, so am pretty red once and I get going. And the rest of the description fits, too 🙂


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