You could be happy.

You could be happy,

if only you tried.

If only you went ahead and forgot everything,

focused on the positives and smiled on.

You’d become just that, happy.

If only you looked around and took in the things you have

and saw the people surrounding you.

It wouldn’t be that difficult,

if only you were a bit more grateful

and tried to be kinder everyday and do new things,

and explore the world.

You’d be violently happy.

If only you started practicing self love,

and stopped practicing self harm, self deprecating and putting yourself down.

You’d look at yourself (…)

and you’d be smiling

and then (…)

You’d realise that (….)

You could be happy if only you let go of everything that hurts,

If only you realised that you are strong, beautiful and brave.

That “hard” doesn’t mean “it’s the end”

and “stay still” doesn’t mean “it’s over”

You could be happy,

I hope you are.

And this in the background…  [You could be happy- Snow Patrol]


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