Fri(yay) or ten songs that make me run like crazy.

1. Rocky- Gonna fly now. A classic. Feel empowered, feel pumped, kick ass!
2. Queen- Don’t stop me now. Another classic. One of my traffic light favourites. (And yes, I do sing out loud.)
3. Azaelia Banks- 212. Makes me somewhat happy.
4. The Strokes- Reptilia or a tour through my teenage years when I was full of angst and rebellion. For tough days.
5. Shania Twain- Man! I feel like a woman. A 90’s classic and one of the songs I learnt English with as a child. Brings me up even in the lowest moments.
6. Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus. I. Am. Fucking. Powerful. That’s all.
7. Moby- Go. Probably my favourite running song, encourages me to the infinite and beyond.
8. The Killers- Mrs Brightside or my favourite song of all time. Always welcome, never fails to make me smile. Open up my eeeeeager eyes, because I’m Mrs Brightsideeeee (…..) (Yes, that’s me singing. Badly.)
9. Blondie- Call me. Never fails to amuse.
10. Christina Aguilera- Dirty. Absolutely tacky never fails to bring my tempo up.

Happy fri(yay) to all of you and looking forward hearing about your favourite running songs!


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