Nothing will be impossible for you.

Gratitude (noun)

 1. the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

A simple word and a way of living. I am grateful. Immensely, I truly am. But sometimes, just sometimes,I forget all about it and just let the bad feelings grow.

We’ve all been there: you are having a not so good day and everything seems to be going astray. And you think to yourself… what have I bloody done to deserve this? Wrong, wrong, wrong. You’re not a victim for one and it wouldn’t be in your way if you couldn’t overcome it for two.

Lately I’ve caught myself  wondering. When will I make it out of the storm? Will my life always be like this?

Well, the answer lies in gratitude. The answer lies in choosing. And I choose to be grateful. Grateful for the things my storm is teaching me. For friends who take turns at holding my hand when it gets hard. Blessed by the small things: smiles, books, hugs, postcards. Happy when I get to wake up every morning.Thankful because in the end life always goes on. And relieved because even when it hurts I can still smile.

I choose to be these and many more because this is just a stop on my journey. So I close my eyes and say.. this… well.. this too… this too shall pass.

Happy saturday to all of you!!!


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