Don’t feed the monster.

Don’t feed the monster. Stop hating yourself and practising body shaming. Push aside the unpleasant remarks people make sometimes.

Go on, stop feeding the monster. Get through the bad days and stand for who YOU are and not who people want you to be.

Don’t listen to the monster. Show yourself some love and respect. Embrace your flaws instead of pointing them out.

Don’t help the monster. Stop bringing yourself down and filling your head with negative thoughts. Stop believing those who say you can’t do big things.

Whatever you do just don’t trust the monster. I know you don’t quite believe it but one day you will get through this. The things you want, you’ll get them. You’ll get them if you keep fighting. If you focus on taking your life one day at a time. Tackling things one by one. Somehow you are a lot stronger than you’d ever think. You are a lot wiser than you’d ever know. So chin up my little lion. This too shall pass. You’ll smile again.

Happy sunday to all of you!


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