Forrest Gump or “I just felt like running.”

Forrest Gump was one of my childhood biggies: not only he had a wonder woman mum who would do everything she could for him but he also possessed sheer humanity and willpower. He never stopped trying to achieve the things he wanted. He wasn’t scared of loving people and giving himself out to them. He never abandoned his dreams. He was committed, constant and hard-working.

But the thing that really got me was that no possible offence was too big on Forrest Gump and as a gun-shy, bookish, not-much-interest-in the-outer world/silent type of child who often took beatings and insults from her peers I found that commendable.

At a certain point in the movie and after a loss Forrest Gump starts running to defeat hardship. When Jenny ups sticks and leaves him high and dry he just goes out and… runs. When confronted with the question “Why are you running?” (…) he just says “Oh well, I just felt like running.”

The reason why I am saying all of this is because sometimes I just feel like running too. As of lately I’ve found dealing with my emotions rather hard. Never big at sharing or at explaining why I do things I have struggled with coming to terms with loss and grieving. Running has helped me deal with that. Whenever I’ve felt way too off I’ve just put my trainers off and gone on the street. It ain’t no Philosopher’s stone but it certainly helps. I always come stronger at the end.

And that’s why I run, to face hardship, to scape from the world, to have time to myself, to gather courage… to stay strong and carry on.

Hope you all had a successful week and enjoy the weekend we are now starting! It is Bank Holiday here so I get three whole days to myself! Beyond excited. Happy weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Forrest Gump or “I just felt like running.”

  1. Enjoy the weekend. Sounds like you’ll benefit from a bit of time for yourself, so be kind to yourself! It’s funny, I’ve not got to the stage yet where running helps sort me out emotionally. I know I’m more cranky in general if I don’t do any exercise, but I don’t see it like that…. yet…. I see how much it helps others, so maybe it will become more like that. Or maybe I don’t realise what a good effect it’s having. It’s really good you’ve found something that helps so directly. Have a lovely break 🙂

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    1. Whatever sees me through today is much welcome… I am taking my days one by one and as I say on my Facebook project everyday (I post a positive saying along with a picture of something I’ve done. Feel free to friend me if you like!) you will get through this as long as you stay strong and slow down. It is my motto. “Stay strong, slow down, you’re doing fine…. ” 🙂 Life always comes through. And love, too. Happy weekend to you!

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  2. I felt the same about running when someone close died. It’s hard to express the pain of loss, but somehow running replaces it with a different kind of pain and it feel better? Hard to explain, but it helps. If I’m just feeling cranky, like Niki says, then it’s hard to get out. Maybe because cranky is often about being annoyed with yourself? However when you do get out it can help if you can switch your cranky thought off for a minute or two! I usually come back in a better mood than when I left. Have a lovely weekend- 3 whole days! And it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it’s all good running weather!😃😃

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