The climb or happy ever after.

Sometimes something happens and shatters your world as you knew it. You don’t know it yet but from then on you are just on survival mode. Somehow you can’t quite work your feelings and life becomes a very steep learning curve. A climb.

This happens several times over a lifetime and you will never learn enough, see enough, have enough, be strong enough.

Each and every single time this happens you will need to learn how to cope. Gather all your courage and stay strong. Waltz and stumble. Dust yourself up. Make rock bottom a solid foundation and build your life. Put yourself back together and stay whole. Find a reason, see the brighter side.

So I have to say that it’s been hard over the last couple of months. I’ve been stumbling more than I should. I’ve been breaking up here and there and having a really hard time at finding my balance. But I have. I bloody well have.

So here’s to hell yeah, to I’ve made it, I’ve carried on, I’ve felt strong and I’ve done this.

I am proud to announce today has been ok.

This… in repeat.

Happy friday Eve everyone!


4 thoughts on “The climb or happy ever after.

    1. Sometimes hanging in there is the one and only option. I am really glad that I am starting to see the end of this and that I feel happier. I just been on a run and coming back i’ve felt that everything is good in the world… oh well, I’ll hang in there!

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