Lost and found or hard running days.

Getting out of bed was hard this morning.

For the first time in months I just didn’t want to go anywhere. I just wanted to lie there forever. But then, I knew that I had lots of plans for the day and that I wanted to run 6.2 miles before heading out. And yes, it was raining. Oh well, life ain’t perfect.

So I got dressed, and I went out. The first impressions were awful. It was dreary. It was freezing. It was raining. And my left foot itched. All these should have put me off but they didn’t… so I started my tracker and warmed up.

I went down the hill. 1 kilometre. Freezing. Heavy rain. Drenched. I thought about stopping. But I didn’t. I just tried to run faster so that time would go quicker. 2,3..4…5 km. The voice said 5k. 5k is a good distance! It is half of what I wanted to do but it is a decent distance. I pulled my phone out of the pocket and I thought that I was going.. quick.. so I got my shit together and went on. 6 kilometres.. Let’s cross the bridge before giving up. 7 kilometres.. this is pretty. Let’s overtake that girl.  8 kilometres.. just two to go, that’s only 2000 meters, that’s only two long sprints.. come on, you can do this. Run, Mariona… RUN!!!!!!

Before I realised I had ran the whole 10k. And beaten my best time at that. It felt so good. And goes to show that I can do hard things.That all of us can as long as we keep it in our minds.

Happy saturday everyone! 🙂

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