Today’s the day.

Its funny how human beings work. We have to be sad to be happy and the other way around.

I went to see “Inside out” yesterday. Riley is 11 and experimenting what most of us experiment at some stage in our lives: uprooting. Our sweet little world being torn apart.  Living in fear. Sadness. Disgust. Anger. Disappointment.

I have been uprooted before. And it takes a while to start breathing again. To get our groove back. Even though we try to summon the joy within us deep down we just feel underlying sadness. Absolute and crushing disappointment. Its cruel, its hard, its life. This is how we are made. This is how things have to go sometimes.

But just because life ends as we knew it it doesn’t make us dead. It makes us different, nostalgic, human. It builds us. We grow stronger. Scared.  We will never learn the art of losing but we will start letting go. Or making it easier, at least.

I have been uprooted as of recently. My world as I knew it has deeply changed. And I have tried. I have stayed strong through my fury, sadness, disgust (….) I have stayed whole through the whirlwind of emotions.

So hell yes, bring it on. Tell me what’s next. I am so fucking ready.


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