Choosing life..


“Choose happiness. Dancing in the rain. A million journeys and not enough gas in our car. Shared blankets and smiles. Choose life. Following the path ahead of you instead of the one people wish you followed. Being cherished. Establishing real relationships, finding true love, laughing so much and so often it hurts. Forgetting how to cry. Revealing yourself. Talking about it all, sharing it all, becoming it all. Practising kindness. Being grateful for the things you have been given and never forgetting to say thank you. Choose to open your eyes real wide and take it all in. Stopping for a minute and appreciating how good a thing life can be sometimes. Stay true. To yourself. To your thoughts. To your heart. To others. To the things you are rather than the things you wish you were. To the things you’ll be rather than the things you were before. Stay strong. Even when walking hurts. When you think you no longer want to do this. Stay whole. Specially when everyone wants to tear you apart. Don’t let them. Just stay. Alive. Extremely. Happy. Very. Brave. Incredibly. Whatever you do find a way to go on. To keep up. Come on. Do it. Just do it. Breathe.”

Wishing you all a happy monday and a very successful week!

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