How to survive a refurb … without losing your mental sanity.

1. Chill. Rubble? No trouble. White stuff? Must be healthy. Dirt everywhere? You can always clean it. A refurbish is always a long process so you have to keep an open mind. (Open may be an understatement here. Always go bigger just in case) It will certainly last longer than you want it to but not forever! (Although it may feel like an eternity to you while it lasts)

2. Be creative. All summer you have been complaining about not having time to go on picnics and eat alfresco. Here’s your excuse! You are a kitchen free house now so you may as well head out and freeze in the autumn air! Something cool (yes that’s totally the word, COOL!) must come out of it. Even if it just a really nasty cold.

3. This is an adventure. Toughen up! You’ve always wanted to be a Spartan chick, this is your golden chance! A free week in the white jungle! Complete with perils, obstacles and loads of other funny games! Get a cold shower, endure persistent noise and wake up at the crack of dawn. Every-single-day! For free!  If by they end of the week your spirits haven’t been crushed… You got it! You are truly Spartan! You should be proud of yourself.

4. You will love this… when it’s finished. Get yourself some kitchen porn. Google pictures of amazing meals. Ask the builders to show you an after preview. Dream about it. Keep a positive image in your head. There is life beyond the rubble! You are going to learn lots from this! You are going to project all your hatred onto something!

5. Think of this as a hiking trip. Yes, blisters hurt. Yes, it is tiring. Yes, you may hate more than half of it and yes, the camping business sucks, you are not Indiana Jones and you are not doing this ever again… Until you get tired and decide to start changing another part of the house. It is in the cycle of life, you will always want to make what’s old new. And, as a matter of a fact, the blisters and the dirt are always a medal of honour at the finish line! Just be a girl scout! Be a good sport about it!

Just four more days to go… Just bloody four.. I will survive.

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