Good things happen to those who wait.

Last night I nearly lost my wallet.

It fell off my pocket whilst I was running for the bus. Swiftly, a complete stranger, who had never seen or spoken to me before ran after me and handed it back. – You lost your wallet.

I got on the bus and stared at one of my most precious things. My wallet not only stores money, cards and ID’s but also stores pictures, drawings and things that have meant something to me in the last few years.

As I stared at the night lights through the window my thoughts were running a mile a minute. People are still kind. There is still some good left. And it can come to you. Anytime. You just have to keep looking. What goes around comes around. So… What if we all practised kindness towards others as a daily thing? What if we all tried to do a random act of kindness every single day? That would change things, right?

And then this came on my iPod and I smiled : )


7 thoughts on “Good things happen to those who wait.

  1. I laughed when I read this. I left my bag on the top of my car and some scary looking human walked over as I was stopped at the lights and hands it to me. Thank you kindness.


  2. Great post! I’ve been a receiver of kind gestures from complete strangers. Once a man stopped me and politely pointed out that a button on my shirt is undone around my midriff. I am grateful for the existence of such thoughtful men in a World full of cat-callers and misogynists.


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