Big city life.

You are a bullet point. One amongst a million. A tiny, small thing in a huge, gigantic place. As you roam the city you think about your dreams.

You always listen to hopeful songs in the mornings, on your way to work. You endure rain, snow, difficulties, setbacks having your intentions crushed again. And again. And yet again. But it doesn’t really matter. You are relentless. You love your big city life. Feeling small yet a part of something huge. Knowing that tomorrow may bring everything you want and that the possibilities are endless. That if you work hard enough you will get anywhere you want.. Even if it looks truly hard in the beginning.

So everyday you take a deep breath. You brave the subway. Put on your best face. Sit down and look at the bored/annoyed/messed up faces and then… someone smiles. At you. Straight at you. Only for you. For a split second.  A damn stranger presents you with the biggest present of all: a smile. A tiny act of encouragement. And your day only goes up from there.

Happy day everyone! : _ )


8 thoughts on “Big city life.

  1. I absolutetly love this.. I happen to live in a small community and so smiles are not rare – but visiting cities I see them very much lacking ..! Such a small gesture really can make a world of difference .. x


    1. Hey I’d love to share my story with you but not in public. My email adress is petitemariona and it is a gmail adress (don’t write full adresses online or you get lots of spam!) get in touch if you’d like to hear 🙂


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