Custard tarts and broken hurts.


As humans we are meant to have our heart broken several times over a lifetime. They say that the first time is the hardest, that no love feels and hurts as much as the first one does.

While I do throughly agree with that I also thing that having our heart broken and mended several times helps us gain a very important quality: resiliency. Through the pain and the sorrow we also gain strength and ways of coping and even though we may be devastated when the event happens we arrive at the other side feeling different. Maybe not ‘good’ different or bad different just different, evolved.

Because the same you curl a paper into a ball and it never ever goes back to the original shape your heart will scar too. But scaring ain’t a sign if weakness or a reason to give up. Scarring is an encouragement to keep going. A you can do it, hold strong, life will come through for you.

So here’s to my scars because they don’t define me… They just make me stronger.


9 thoughts on “Custard tarts and broken hurts.

  1. Some scars just refuse to heal. We have to hope that they don’t become infected by things like revenge or major depressions or even hate. Somehow we have to find a bit of antibiotic cream to make the scars heal over ready for the next experience.
    My last scar was two and a half years ago and hasn’t healed yet. There isn’t a day I don’t think about her and miss her. This may be one of those that never heals but acceptance places a plaster over it.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. So absolutely well written and so absolutely true, we need those hurts to help shape our heart, as painful as they are, I always take away something positive (once I get over the rawness of the heartbreak) even if its just to know what person I DON’T want to let in my life. Everything is a lesson if we let it be.

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