Growing a thicker skin or new kinds of happy.

I’ve learned a lot in the past few months. About pain. About having your heart torn apart in two and feeling like you are going to die. And losing one of the people you loved the most and one you didn’t even know (or wanted to know) you loved.

I’ve learned heaps about healing. And crying so hard you burst out laughing. And opportunities. A lifetime of them.

Because even when you don’t think so after breaking comes the mending. The re-building of the things you shattered. The search for new kinds of happiness. The climb and the realisation that you can do anything as long as you get a little help from your friends. And newfound willpower. Determination. Energy. To come out of the hole. To branch out. To go see the outside world. Again.

So this has been a battle, a journey, a series of days when I’ve been shown the worst and expected to behave the best. But I’ve come out ready. I’ve come out steady.

So I say hello world and nice to meet you again and just to let you know (….)  I am back, I am ready and I’ve come here to be alive.


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