Say something don’t give up or five easy actions of everyday self care.

Say something, don’t give up on yourself. Speak up. Don’t be scared of defending yourself when life gets unfair. Fight for the things you want. Stand up and say ‘I’ve had enough of this’ if you have to.

No one deserves to be unhappy. No one deserves the bad things happening to them. Yet bad things happen everyday. Somehow, somewhat they just do. And you find yourself at a loss, trying to put off the fires, trying to deal with it all.

I know it ain’t easy but over the years I’ve found that making some adjustments regarding self care helps. It may not solve the problems but doing these five things certainly makes me feel better. Or, at least, slightly better.

So whenever I feel way too gloomy about the state of my world I always try to remember these…

  1. Talk. Can’t emphasise it enough. Just talk. To your friends. To your loved ones. Don’t keep it all to yourself, let some of it out. Unwind after your crap days. Not only it will make you feel better but you may use it as brainstorming to find solutions! Remember, seeking help from others doesn’t make us weak, it makes us feel human and supported!
  2. Find a distraction. Over worried with work? Too tired to think? Try to do something you like everyday. Read 5 pages of your current book. Walk around the city on your way home. Get off the tube two stops earlier so you get to roam your favourite bookshop. Get a nice coffee. A slice of cake. A hot drink before bed. Meet a friend for a quick chat. Squeeze in a quick workout after work. Whatever, just do something that makes you happier. Granted, if you try hard enough you will find the time and you will feel your days just got heaps better!
  3. Take good care of yourself. Sleep plenty. Don’t overload your days. Eat well, often and enough. Keep your liquids up. Avoid alcohol and crap food. What you feed yourself affects your mood too! Keep it clean and your mood will feel cleaner too!
  4. Feel pretty. Groom yourself. Spend an extra fifteen minutes in front of the mirror every morning. Wear clothes you like. Invest on some nice shoes. Allow yourself some time to dry your hair. The way you present yourself to the world relates to how you feel! Keep it up and the day will only go up from there.
  5. Be productive but don’t over do it. Whilst doing everything you are supposed to do in the day is good overdoing it will only land you in trouble. You will feel tired, grim and overworked if you try to be productive all of your time. Set yourself some goals for everyday and don’t get too worked up if you don’t achieve everything you think you should be achieving. You’ll get there, all in due time!

And most of all… my one ground rule. Breathe. Allow yourself a minute to think. Slow down. Stay strong. Whatever happens you are doing FINE.

Free… free fallin’ (….)


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