The journey is infinite or some lessons running taught me.

The journey to happiness is eternal. Day after day minute after minute we build or own happiness. It is not easy to be happy. It is not a given. In order to be happy you have to endure hardship to achieve that. You will have to fight. You will have to lose, experience betrayal, anger and hurt. Deception. Feel lost, dazed, broken,confused.
We’ve all had to face our deepest fears at some stage in our lives. Watch our precious cherished boat sink. Cling onto things for dear life even if we know they no longer belong with us and they probably never did in the first place. Oh, human stubbornness, the strongest of feelings.
If you are lucky you will learn many things on your journey. Grow on the way up. Meet different, see different, feel different.

Have you ever climbed a hill? It is steep, isn’t it? Sometimes you are completely out of breath and you feel so helpless you could die. You feel you won’t overcome what’s in front of you because it is so big and so daunting and you just keep filling up your mind with can’t. Well, granted,getting to the top is difficult but have you ever looked at your world from up there? Pretty, right? Bloody pretty. Well, life is exactly the same. So whenever you find yourself stuck in a hill stop and take a deep breath. Deeper. Even deeper than that. Close your eyes and count your blessings. One by one. Just stop there and look at your wins, mourn your loses, lick your wounds but most of all just go ahead and chin up because from there… from where you are standing from.. well, it is only bound to get better… All in due course and for the price of never giving up. Everything and more for the price of holding on.

In the end, trying is like running. You may not run a single mile on your first day, you may hate it, you may feel so sick you want to puke but if you keep going you will go far. You may not go far from the beginning but in the end you will build your success, you will make your own beautiful. You will stand there and look at the results of all your hard work.
So I have made myself a promise. From now onwards, I won’t say I can’t anymore. Instead, I’ll figure a way to get there. Even if it takes me longer. Even if it is harder. I vouch to not bend anymore. To stay strong and still even when I am missing all my power. I will let go if I have to. I will take a turn if that’s what’s in store for me. I will stubbornly refuse to let circumstances break me. I won’t give up. I will free my mind of can’t. I won’t tank or break down. And I won’t allow anyone to tell me that I can’t do something. Because, and for the life of me, I fucking can. So just stand there and watch me do it.

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