We spend a lifetime sheltering ourselves from the damage. Cracks here, chips there our only thought, our one aim is to keep ourselves whole. We never think of the beauty in splitting. About the pretty things having to break down brings, about the fact that once you are broken you can see yourself inside out and have a proper look at the state of things

Because that’s what we do as we go through life, we look at things. We change things. We build things. We break things. It takes time, it takes energy but all it really takes is just us being us. Us being true to the things in our mind. To our wishes. To all the scary things.

But then, in the end, why shall we live in a shell? Why shall we not wander out, see more, see the bigger picture? Why denying ourselves the pleasure of doing more, being more, having an actual life?

Why, really? I’d rather die a thousands deaths than be dead for a lifetime.


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