Accountability or she has no time for you now.

As of lately, I suck at accountability.

Let me explain.

The thing is that the day only has a certain number of hours. And, there are many things I have to do in said hours. For one, I have to get to work. I like my job. Making coffee is fun and most of my customers always manage to make me laugh. Then, there’s school. I have to be clever, listen and ask questions and most of all I have to try to remember because I shall do my assignments straight after. Then, there’s social life. I am ashamed to admit that there hasn’t been much of that lately.

In the end the thing that remains is the fact that I suck at being accountable. You will talk to me and I will forget. I will vouch to go to bed earlier so I have more energy and will get caught up in whatever I’m doing. Heaps of laundry will pile in a corner of my bedroom and I will franticly search for clean undies/decent clothes in the morning. I will fall asleep on the bus coming home and then stay awake all night because I can’t go back to sleep once I’m woken up. Ad aeternum. Just like a cycle I will just keep telling myself that I haven’t done such and such or gotten back to someone because I don’t have the time.

I don’t think I am complaining but it’s just that… I don’t have the time. Now. And won’t. For a long. Time. If that makes sense.

Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

Meanwhile… let’s dance


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