Inner peace or why do I love the gym.

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“My inner peace starts the minute I tie up my shoelaces. Put my headphones on. My hair back in a ponytail. Get my bottle of water. March into the gym. Within the first five minutes on the Cross Trainer, I am hooked.

It ain’t no running but it is still my place. Somewhere I can go to whenever I feel life is just too much. I do miss running. Dearly. Not a day goes without me thinking of how long will it be until I can actually run again. But then, I still have the outlet. I have the chance to escape. To come stronger at the other side. Because exercise is nothing but an act of self love. An hour or two for yourself, your thoughts and your music.

I cherish this moments. For a while I am happy. Just that. Incredibly. Violently. Amazingly.

Happy. “

 I .. I see the stars


5 thoughts on “Inner peace or why do I love the gym.

      1. 🙂 I think I am entering a stage of my life where I am growing comfortable with things that were a stretch before… I ran on the threadmill for about 20 minutes today. It is the third time this week and haven’t felt anything but a slight inkling in my right ankle. Knees doing fine and so far no pain or DOMS. Obviously, I’ve been doing all my other training too but I think my body is quite liking this. I am going to keep it very steady and not run on my next gym week to let it rest but there may be hope… fingers crossed. I miss running so much it hurts.

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