All you did today was breathe.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Today was not a good day. You woke up feeling upside down. You stood in front of the mirror and you quickly looked at all your flaws. None of your clothes felt good. You tried to make coffee and it spilled. You quickly did your eyeliner and it went the wrong way. Damnit. So much for a good day. You went outside and it was raining. “I hate rain, today is going to be such a terrible day.”. You got on the train and you lost your wallet “because only bad things will happen to me today.” So much for a positive mindset. So you went into work and your head was spinning a mile a minute. Your thoughts rushing. Assignments. And that thing he said yesterday. And what will I do next hour, next day, next friday, next week, next year… if everything I want to do right now is just breathe.

But, then, you could have done something for yourself. If you wake up in a not so great mood, stand in front of the mirror and smile. You are alive and kicking. You have a whole day ahead of you. And clothes are just that, clothes. And an eyeliner smudge is something you can fix and you can make new coffee and you can use an umbrella and you will get a new wallet and he loves you and you will do your assignments and you can do this and are getting along because you are strong, worthy and special. Even if everything you want to do today is just breathe. Go on, breathe, breathe my little fighter, breathe, you don’t know it yet but things are already looking brighter (….)



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