Mona Lisa Smile or not all who wander are aimless.


I was browsing through Netflix last night because I couldn’t sleep and I found this movie. In spite of the late hour and it’s length (a rough two hours) and the fact that I had to be awake in less than five hours I decided give it a watch.

The last time I watched this movie was when it first came out, in 2003. At rough age thirteen the movie meant strictly nothing to me. Nothing but a group of women who were living in a society I believed no longer existed.

More than ten years from then it means something different.

I liked the movie a lot more this time. It pictures a group of women who have different ideas, dreams and patterns. It shows people who want different kinds of lives and that’s absolutely ok.

And this is where I am going. More often than not people call me crazy. Because I run around all hours and never seem to have “fun”. Or at least, their type of fun. Because to me fun is to make myself better. To go to school, exercise, read things that fill my mind with colours, listen to music, wander aimlessly or write silly blog posts about the things that make me happy. And to spend time with friends,hug, share and to talk about the things I like. And yes, that’s true, I may not really want what other people want for themselves but that’s ok. And I maybe I have not followed the path that others drew for me but that’s totally fine too.

At the end of the movie Betty Warren says  ” My teacher, Katherine Watson, lived by her own definition, and would not compromise that. Not even for Wellesley. I dedicate this, my last editorial, to an extraordinary woman who lived by example and compelled us all to see the world through new eyes. By the time you read this, she’ll be sailing to Europe, where I know she’ll find new walls to break down and new ideas to replace them with. I’ve heard her called a quitter for leaving, an aimless wanderer. But not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition; beyond definition; beyond the image.”

Not all of those who wander are aimless. Not all of those who struggle are done. To me, as always, the rest is still unwritten.

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Smile or not all who wander are aimless.

  1. I absolutely loved your opinion of the movie. It’s one of my favorites. I’m struggling right now, some dreams are done, but I’m trying to find others. I’m wandering, but not in an aimless way. I’m wandering to find my happiness. Love!


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