Paris is burning.


(Picture via @timoelliott )

“Paris is burning. The world is burning. We’ve gone crazy. We’ve lost track. Can’t even start talking about the amount of damage people have been creating in the last few years, decades, centuries. Humans are killing other humans. It makes me burn with rage. It makes me ache with sadness.

Last night was a hard one. The whole of Europe was shaken by a tragedy that took the lives of more than 100 people. But there is so much more we don’t talk about. The refugees? They are running away from the people who did last night. Us? We are turning our faces the other way.

I am absolutely joining public mourning but I also want to reflect on how we face this issues on a daily basis. There’s bombs in Bagdad every single day. Some people won’t leave their houses or speak their minds because they are scared to death of the things that may happen to them if they do so. And the refugees, bless them, need our help and support. I think that most of us have forgotten where we are coming from. We’ve gotten big headed and have forgotten that we had our share of issues in the past too. Have we forgotten what humanity is?

So yes, I do pray. I do indeed pray. Down on my knees I pray. I pray for a safe world for the children I am yet to have. For a safe world for us when we become so old we forget how to defend ourselves. For a place where we feel at home rather than at war. I pray for equality. For unanimity. For respect instead of animosity. I get down on my knees and pray. For Paris. For all those who live in war ridden countries and are scared. For the broken families. For those who don’t have a bite to eat. I pray. For all of them. For life. And for all of us.”


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