Sun still rises (…) even through the rain.

IMG_0479Today I looked around and thought: it is a good day to be alive. Not much, not a lot, just that, alive. I don’t need many things. Actually,I’d say I am kind of blessed. I have good friends, I only hate certain things when they get way too hard for me to handle and I find one reason to smile every single day, even if it is just the once and it truly  lights up my face.

Come to think of it and looking back,  I have been alive for a long time. Just that, alive. Dancing around, trying my own  way at life, learning and crashing and burning and starting all over again just to be better. You could say I am proud. I guess deep down I am. Very. Extremely. Madly.

Because in spite of the days where it gets dark, too dark to see, and the days were I just don’t want to see I am still going. I am still trying. I am still having my own hand at this. At life. I am still here. And I am not going anywhere.





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