Serendipities or every single thing you do is magic.

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Live your life as though every single breath you take is magic. Appreciate what you have. Wake up every morning and silently count your blessings. Only worry about running out of fingers. Head outside and see the world still half asleep. Smile to yourself because your thoughts are pretty. Head into the tube and think about what the day may bring. Leave your anxieties at your doorstep, you are here to achieve big things.

Live your life as a series of random acts of kindness. Do good and you will receive good. Be persistent and you will achieve results. Be kind and you will be loved. Be happy and you will make others happy too.

Live your life as though every single simple little thing is magic. Tell your friends about the things that worry you, only to end up laughing about them. Wake up five minutes early to scroll through blogs you like, or read, or stretch or just apply and extra coat of mascara. Allow yourself some downtime. Get enough sleep. Feed yourself pretty and stop pointing at your flaws. After all, you are perfect. So perfectly flawed. (……)


And every little thing you do is magic (…..)



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