Patterns or a leap out of the comfort zone.

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I am fond of patterns. I fear alterations. Ever so slight changes throw me off the loop. I just don’t deal well with unexpected. And, as of lately, everything is always so unexpected. So much it scares me. It’s kind of like being thrown from a cliff.

This year has been one for changes. I have opened my heart. I have stopped fearing certain things. I’ve stood in a classroom and given a presentation. I’ve met new people. I’ve been at parties. I’ve tried to understand people who are not necessarily like minded and succeeded. I’ve started running. And wearing short shorts and skirts in public. I’ve grown to love the person I am becoming, I think she’s pretty cool.

It hasn’t been easy. Giving up what you thought safe to go and get what you want the most. Because all these do nothing but getting me closer to the things I want, to the things I wish, to the things I will have.

The comfort zone is easy. The comfort zone is safe. But, the comfort zone also means settling down just because you are too scared to keep trying. And I will never stop trying. If there is something I am, that’s a striver. If there is something I want, it is to do better.






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