20 things I’ve learned this year.



  1. Letting go: let go of things and how to move on. How gently did you let go of the things that weren’t meant for you…
  2. Patience: wait for it. Just because you didn’t get it today it doesn’t mean you won’t get it when the time is right.
  3. Smile: even when life sucks. You keep your head up, you smile. You suck it up you put a brave face and you smile.
  4. Grieving is a bitch and that’s ok. Grieve if you have to, it is just human to do so.
  5. With a little help of your friends you can achieve anything. If only you let them help.
  6. The time is now. Don’t waste your time doing things you hate, get a move on and change!
  7. You can do hard things (….) If only you start believing you actually *can*.
  8. Say you’re sorry. We all make mistakes. Maybe you can’t salvage the relationship. But maybe you can. Go ahead, try, say you are sorry. Just don’t abuse it, it gets old so quickly.
  9. Seize the day. Every day is special, every day is significant, it’s only up to you to make it be.
  10. Be kind: spend time taking care of others. Be gentle. Use positive words even when you’re mad. What goes around comes around.
  11. Learn from your mistakes: failure is not fatal. Just because you crash it doesn’t mind you won’t bounce back. Just because you fail it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.
  12. Stay strong: a bad day today is a better day to come.
  13. Let go of toxic people: they will only bring poison into your life.
  14. Exercise regularly: a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and a healthy person.
  15. Find beautiful in every single day.
  16. Be kind to yourself: yes, you made a mistake, yes you are on your way to fixing it, don’t dwell on things.
  17. Dance. To your own kind of music. Do things because YOU like them, not because others like them.
  18. All you need is run. In case of pain, sadness, unhappiness… just… RUN.
  19. Write. Never stop writing. Write because you want to, because you like it, because this is the next chapter of your life.
  20. It does get better: all in due course, life does get better…


2016… I am ready 🙂 7 days and counting. Tic tac tic tac.





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