You haven’t tried your own hand at it.

imageI grew up resenting my dad. I knew it was not right but I did. Somehow, I just believed that he hadn’t done enough for me, that he had had other priorities. He never thrived at being a dad. He never made it through.

But, looking back and with time passing, I’ve realised that it was something else. I mean, no one knows how to be a parent when they start doing it. And it must be really daunting. From birth and well into the life of that tiny little human you brought into the world you are going to be the main pillar. You are going to do the biggest job of them all: raising a child.

Creating life is the biggest adventure there is. And whilst you do that, you will make mistakes. You will try and fail and try and learn because this is the way things work.

Plus, on the brighter side, I’d say I ain’t half bad. I mean, I am doing well. I have had my ups and downs but I am actually quite pleased with the life I lead. I have good friends. I sustain a healthy lifestyle. I am working towards achieving my college degree and I like my job. I am brave, and strong, and as much as I mess up sometimes and let the feelings take over, I also have a good heart and a pleasant soul. As I said, not bad.

So, even if you don’t feel extremely grateful sometimes, say thank you. Give a silent thanks to your parents because they made you who you are and that is someone very special.


Happy birthday, dad, hope you’re well wherever you are. And, happy New Year to you all!


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