Speak no evil

imageTurmoil. The streets are so empty. It’s blazing hot. Then freezing cold. Then it rains. The weather is crazy and so is the nation. What have we done?

Fear. You see it in people’s eyes. They want to hide. Some people try to stay strong but they don’t quite manage. All you see is disappointment. And the bitter cold, oh the bitter cold.

Uncertainty. Because someone you love may start hanging on a thread. Because this wasn’t what you signed up for or what you thought you knew.

And there’s no stopping it now. This wrecking ball is rolling. The destruction is happening. You can see it in their eyes. You can see it happen before their very eyes.

Speak no evil, someone did this to all of us and now we have to pay. Speak no evil. Why is our country crying and who do we have to blame. Speak no evil. They look happy on TV. Speak no evil. I may after all not be good enough. Speak no evil. They want and they got us and I have nothing left but to hold my tears, take a deep breath and get a move on. Still, speak no evil. It may get better tomorrow. There is still hope.

On friday I woke up and I cried.

I cried because my country had started crumbling.

I cried because everything I stood for was slowly fading and going away.

I cried because hatred won.

I cried because many humans just want to hurt other humans.