It’s just a house, they said,

they came in, took it all, left a big mess, no harm done.



It’s just stuff, I said,

I don’t even need stuff,

I actually own far too much.


It will go away, she said,

you just have to stay strong,

close your eyes and think positive thoughts.


I can help you sleep, he said,

you just need some magic pills.


They were all so kind

and oh so trying to help,

and oh so keen.

And I was thankful.


So I got home


I closed the door


I clicked it two times

and then three


the door couldn’t be locked enough.

And then,

I looked under the bed

Because that’s where monsters hide.

And then I went to the kitchen because

monsters are hungry sometimes (…)


I clutched my blanket so tightly

and  listened to the noises

and couldn’t sleep

Because someone came in without permission to do so and

spent two minutes in my safe haven

and took a bit of stuff

but left a lot of mess behind.



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